What Should You Do When You Have Been in an Accident?

What Should You Do When You Have Been in an Accident?

We speak with attorney Eldridge Suggs IV, who discusses what you should do if you have been involved in an accident.

What should be the first course of action for someone to take if they have been involved in an accident?

Once you determine that everyone is physically ok, photograph the vehicles involved inside and out, and photograph any obvious physical injuries including scrapes, cuts and bruises and also photograph the scene. A picture or video can often tell the story, as it was at the time of the crash. Look for witnesses and secure the information necessary to reach them again for their eye witness testimony. Secure as much information and evidence as possible, including insurance coverage information from the person who crashed into you. As soon as you can, seek a medical evaluation in order to immediately document any symptoms you are feeling from possible injuries.

Insurance companies are mega rich for a reason: the majority of them do not play fair!

How long can someone sue, after being involved in an accident?

A victim of someone’s safety rule violation (in this case the traffic laws) has the right to sue at the time the violation injures the person. Typically the attorney will file a claim with the at fault drivers insurance company; allow time for the insurance company to accept responsibility for their insured’s safety rule violation and after all of the injuries are documented and treated to maximum medical improvement, the attorney will make demand upon the insurance company for complete accountability and compensation for all of the injuries caused to the person’s body, mental state, and loss of enjoyment of life, and any economic losses including lost wages, and medical costs.

Is it advisable for clients to take payouts offered by the insurance company, prior to consulting a legal expert?

Of course, my answer is no! The reason for this is that the insurance company is the beast wearing the “Black Hat” and in most cases have much more experience than the victim of a motor vehicle crash. Insurance companies are mega rich for a reason: the majority of them do not play fair! They take our monthly premium payments, but when it comes to being fully accountable for people’s injuries they will cheat, lie and deceive. Get a very good lawyer to deal with them so that they are made to be fully accountable.

How long, on average, does it take for disputed parties to conclude a settlement?

Depending on the jurisdiction, typically a settlement occurs within a range of 3-8 months depending on the injuries involved. If the case must be litigated, the case might not be heard in the court for up to two years in most Georgia Jurisdictions.

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