The Pros and Cons of Hiring Specialist Law Firms

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Specialist Law Firms

Just like doctors, lawyers are professionals that can also take on specialties. Often their practice is limited to a singular practice or a specific industry. Through the years, specialist law firms are becoming more popular due to more and more clients seeking legal services that can give them better results. With all the lawyers claiming that they offer the best services, how can you know which one to choose? Are specialist lawyers always the best choice? In this post, we’ll look at the pros and cons of hiring a specialist law firm to represent you.

The Pros

Working with the Best

When you work with a specialist lawyer, you get the assurance that you are working with the experts in their area of focus. Their years of experience and expertise in that field is an assurance that you will be represented well. For instance, a law firm might specialise in representing clients diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Their clients know that they can rely on the lawyers to have the knowledge necessary to represent them in trial or settlement cases involving Mesothelioma.

Personalised Service

Specialist lawyers are known for providing personal service to their clients. Often, they spend their days following up and working on the case that they are handling. Clients will often receive updates about their cases. It is pretty common for specialist lawyers to handle only one or two clients at a time to make sure that they are giving their full attention to their clients and their needs.

Less Down Time

There is a possibility that when you hire a generalist lawyer, they will spend more time studying your case rather than working on strategies that can help you win. In fact, most clients complain of general lawyers referring them to specialists once they feel that the case is beyond their expertise, which can lead to longer resolution time.

Better Reputation

Specialist lawyers often have a reputation. This reputation often precedes them even before they go to court. Often, defense lawyers choose to settle and negotiate rather than go to court against a specialist lawyer. This is the ideal solution as it saves time and legal fees and can produce a fair settlement.


Long Wait Time

When you choose to work with a specialist lawyer, you have to understand that there may be longer wait times compared to working with general lawyers since, as mentioned, they only work on one or two clients at a time. To get around this, it’s wise to work with a specialist law firm that has a roster of lawyers that can help you with your case.

Higher Fees

One of the downsides of hiring a specialist lawyer is the higher fees. Since they spent years studying to become experts in their field, they have the right to charge higher fees, especially since they spend valuable time to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a lawyer, whether they may be a specialist or not, your top consideration should be how comfortable you are working with them. Then, you should also consider your budget, though you will only pay a percentage of your settlement in most personal injury cases. When hiring a lawyer, your best choice should always be the one who can get you the best outcome.