Smart, Science-Based Regulation Needed to Advance America’s Energy Renaissance and Jobs

Smart, Science-Based Regulation Needed to Advance America’s Energy Renaissance and Jobs

API President and CEO Jack Gerard testified before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee last week on the need for smart, science-based oil and natural gas regulations so that American consumers and workers and the environment can continue to benefit from America’s energy renaissance.

“America is now leading the world in oil and natural gas development and refining, a reality that was unimaginable just a decade ago,” said Gerard. “We’ve transitioned from an era of energy scarcity and dependence to one of energy abundance and security. The developments of the past decade have brought cost savings for American consumers, good paying jobs, renewed opportunities for US manufacturing, a stronger economy and greater national security.

“Technological innovations and industry leadership have propelled the oil and gas industry forward despite the unprecedented onslaught of 145 new and pending federal regulatory actions targeting our industry. The time has come to review these regulations and to have a frank discussion about the costs and the benefits to the American people.

“The oil and natural gas industry remains committed to regulatory structures that promote safety, environmental protection, and responsible operations and it continues to look for ways to collaborate with regulators. Since 1924, API has been the leader in developing industry standards that promote safety and reliability through the use of proven engineering practices under an ANSI-accredited process. Nearly 400 API standards are cited throughout federal and state regulations.

“Federal regulatory policy can either strengthen or weaken the US energy renaissance, with impacts that extend far beyond our industry. Regulatory actions should be rooted in sound science and data, with a consideration of the costs and benefits. With these goals in mind, we stand ready to work with Congress and the administration to find reasonable solutions to the challenges before us.”

(Source: American Petroleum Institute)